… hello… I’m talking to you…


I received this message as I was cleaning my house the other day.

If you worry, look up.

If you are broken, look up.

If you are lost, look up.

If you are running away, look up.

If you are sinking, look up.

If you are a wretch, like me, look up.

If you are angry, look up.

If you feel inadequate, look up.

If you breathe, look up.


Get a crick in your neck.

Look up.


He is watching.

He is for real.

He sees and hears all.

He wants to help you, always.

Look up!

Our suffering points/directs us to look up and stay focused there… on Him… otherwise we concentrate on all that is broken… still… here and in this place… earth… and therefore remain lost… until we look up.


Marvel at His Majesty!

It’s just a glimpse of who He is.

He is The Light in the skies…

The Beauty all around us… and in us through The Holy Spirit.



Give Him The Glory… He shed His very blood for you… and He would have done it, JUST FOR YOU.

That’s how much He loves you (us). 

Hallelujah Jesus!!!











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