Israel flight… coming home.

View of jet plane wing with cloud patterns

As I head back on a transatlantic flight from Israel, I am struck yet again by the kindness of the people. I am on an El-Al flight (their country’s American Airlines) surrounded by Jewish culture, and here is what I see: Strangers helping one another.  (As I write at this moment, I am also conversing with a kind gentleman(Z.H.) from Israel, and we find out we have mutual acquaintances in Texas! It’s a small world brothers and sisters…)
I have spent the last two weeks traveling around Israel with brothers & sisters from my home church, and everywhere I go there is kindness and a brotherhood/sisterhood. I cannot tell you how many times the kindness of strangers helped me out of a tight spot during the trip. I am so grateful…
There is much to observe and learn. Perhaps this is why I love the country of Israel so much, and I long to go back again… and again… and again.
I want to learn to be more kind and long suffering. I want to learn to be more loving toward strangers. My heart yearns for people of all nations… that they may feel this love and kindness… even if it’s from a total stranger like me.
When I allow these thoughts to permeate my mind and heart they immediately affect my world and those in it. There’s always a direct correlation. What we feed our brains/hearts plays out in our daily lives…
What are you ingesting today? Is it love and kindness, or something spiritless/servantless like pride, arrogance, control, self-sufficiency, isolation, or busyness? The list goes on… and we are all guilty in some way of this truth.
The layers of ourselves begin to be washed away when the Holy Spirit takes over, and what we are left with is an exposed vulnerable heart for all the world to see/experience… HIM. Entrusting yourself to Him, brings on a unique freedom in living… one of the fruits being Peace in the midst of life’s chaos.
And believe it or not, overflowing Joy will run like a raging river from heaven straight into your heart, for He is the River of Life. I pray that you will allow Him to flow through you and quench your longings as only He can do…
Holy Spirit of God, thank You for the provisions to travel to the Holy Land again. Thank You for Your faithfulness to the Jews and to all who believe in the One True God. Thank You for the perseverance You have instilled in Your people. Thank You for being the Only One who keeps His promises in this world. Thank You for Your boundless grace and mercy, and Your desire to reconcile us all to You. And for this… most of all…  thank You for Your
Son, Jesus. May we all thirst to know Him and live out His teachings… in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

God 3 legged stool maribel hill analogy

Hello Lovies,

I want to share this with you…

Imagine this..  GOD ALMIGHTY made a stool… with 3 legs.

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.


NOW… picture a 2 legged stool.

It’s been redesigned.

Can you sit on it? Yes.

But… it’s man-made.

No wisdom. No power. No peace.

How do I know it’s like a 3 legged stool (triune God)?

It comes straight out of the mouth of Jesus…: John 14, 15,16, Acts 2

It’s true.

Take heart. 🙂

The Holy Spirit is alive and well!

Seek Him and you will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart.

It’s all about our heart’s position… towards Him… towards others.

How is your heart faring these days, my friend?

I know it’s been rough.

Hold on. There’s #Hope.

Until next time…

In Christ,



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… it’s time to blog again. 

Hello Lovies.

It’s been a while.

It hasn’t been because there’s been nothing to say. I have been writing. 😉

The time wasn’t right.

But now… the time is at hand.

There has been a lot of #change going on in the last several months for everyone, myself included.

This season of writings will be encouraging you through difficulties. We are in a windy season… and navigating can get treacherous.

Just remember: There is #HOPE.

Our #God walks on water… and subdues it when He Speaks.

And my dear siblings in Christ, He Speaks to us today. Hallelujah!

Those that say the Holy Spirit is no longer active obviously have not met Him, and are not ‘In Him’. They are essentially calling #Jesus a liar (John 14:15-17). Lord, have mercy on them, for they are limited.

So Listen UP! Keep your ears attuned to his soft voice. Go to Him every day and tell Him what’s going on. Start in the morning, before you get out of bed. Ask Him for the things that you need Him to intervene in. Ask Him for His WILL… in everything.

The Lord cannot do for you… intercede for you… if you aren’t submitting your issues to Him. 

You’d be amazed at how the weight… it feels… like it lifts  off of your shoulders… because you have given over… your burdens to Him.

(We carry these burdens inside… and they eat at us like a slow growing bitter cancer. Before we know it, we are ‘sick.’ (could be mental, emotional, physical sickness). (Matt 6:25-34)

… God DESIRES to answer your prayers (what is best for you).  He wants you whole, complete… IN Him. But He doesn’t force himself on you… he invites 24/7. He gave us a direct communication line… His gift to us… our Advocate… The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will teach you and guide you all things, IF you you will let Him (John 14:26, 1 John 2:1, John 16:7, Acts 2:33, Romans 8:16, Acts 4:31, John 14:26, 1 Cor 2:9-10). In our flesh, we are limited by our own will and thinking. There is so MUCH MORE… In Him! 🙂 Hallelujah!

Here is a marinating thought: how can you ever really know if God answers a prayer, if in fact you’ve never prayed for anything faithfully… consistently? Pray as often as you can.  It’s a beautiful communion (1 Thess 5:17).

Ask Him to give you a thriving prayer life/relationship with Him. Pray for others.  Pray for yourself.

I guarantee you communicating with our God will be the best part of your day. Every single day.

Dear Heavenly Father,  what a JOY it is to be called your precious daughter. No matter the disaster on earth, Father, I know You redeem all You allow. I see that we are nowhere near 2 Chron 7:14… nevertheless I see the vessel through which it will come. I ask that Peace and Justice roll like a river in our mighty land… and to the ends of the earth. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May we learn to love one another, especially in our differences. May we truly come to know what the word ‘unity’ means. In Jesus’ Name I pray and plead, Amen.

In Christ,

~ maribel


… thunder and lightning.

OH how I love the rain… I unwind in those quiet cleansing moments… I  write, or read, or cuddle and speak softly, or listen, or pour out. For me, the rain is a melting pot of passion, power, and peace. I need the rain in my life. Just like I need the sun.
Anyway… I drove home early this morning from recording a song.

It was time… to break out the silence.

I was craving His presence… for so many reasons… He already knows.

And so… I listened… for about 15 minutes.
Do you ever do this… steal away as much time… step away from every distraction… because you want to focus on the ‘#1Thing’ that just captivates you, completely?

What is your #1Thing?

Is it worthy of you? ( 1 Samuel 16:7, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Hebrews 2:6-7, Ephesians 3:17-18, Psalm 139:23-24)

If no one has told you lately, you’re pretty incredible.

Remember that.

Let this thought win your heart.

Then… with new eyes… look around.

Every life is incredible, so wonderful.  (Psalm 139)
I am never the same after a Holy Spirit download…  especially when it happens amidst thunder and lightning. Feels all warm and heavenly to me. Still does.


Thank you, Father… for Your unconditional love, for Your guidance, for Your forgiveness and mercies, for Your direction, for Your corrections, and for Your faithfulness and freedoms IN Christ.

There are no adequate words to express my devotion to you… and so I pray… to live out my life on the frontlines ready to put the pedal to the metal… when You say… GO! 🚦

All my Love,





… about face my Love…

Good morning, friends.

It’s been a little while. I haven’t been neglecting you, rather, I have been celebrating my new found freedoms. 🙂 Grab your beverage, and sit with me a while. God is in the miracles business. I’m here to testify today.

My life took an immediate ‘about face’ on September 15, 2015… by 9 a.m.

There is so much to tell… even before 9/15/15. It really started last summer…

I had so many well intentioned plans for last summer. I was going to write the songs to my new music album coming out soon, I was going to knock out a few more projects as well, etc.

NONE of that happened.

Instead, I powered down completely. No writing, no instrument playing… I got pretty still inside… longing and talking to God. As a result, the Holy Spirit… within me… intensified. I felt and welcomed His increased presence. Others in my close circle felt the shift as well.

Then came September 15th, 2015. 🙂

First, a glimpse of the past:

I have shared a little in other blog posts about having chronic pain due to autoimmune diseases that started when I was about 9. At the height of the diseases’ destruction (as a child), I had prayed to God to take me home, or heal me. I was 14 when I pleaded with God, and I went into remission for 20+ years!!!

The autoimmune diseases came back in full swing about 2006, and brought a few friends. There are no known cures for these.

To recap simply… I used to wake up to pain, go to sleep to pain… and moving at all… was painful. I went to war every day… for 10+ years.

Now for the event of 9/15/15:

I woke up at 5:30 that morning, and it was no different than any other morning. Everyone was asleep… and I was in the kitchen standing because the back/neck pain was so excruciating I couldn’t even sit down. Typical start to the day… and headed straight to my God… who encourages me and strengthens me for each day. Thank you, Lord!!!

Time slowly crept on. The family scooted out the door for school. And I was still standing in the kitchen.

After they left, I began reading a new book in my digital library. This one was mentioned to me over the summer by a leader at my home church. That morning, for whatever reason, I decided to begin the book.

As I was reading, the author was talking about healing… on earth as it is in heaven.

Here is where God had already been at work in me. At the beginning of this year, He spoke and told me to live out my heavenly life here on earth… NOW… to be free in Him, here.

He also told me then that I would be in the deliverance business… setting captives free.


As I was standing there reading, I heard God softly say, ‘ You do it (pray for healing) for others, but not for yourself. Lay hands on yourself.’

Immediately, I placed both hands to my chest and began to pray HARD and LOUDLY… with all authority IN Christ (A small group of us call these times Godified moments… where the Holy Spirit is in total control).

As I was continuously praying,  I did an about face, took 3 steps toward the kitchen window. Then I raised my eyes to Him, my right hand to the LORD, and the left hand I kept to my chest. I prayed for the healing of my organs, for specific parts of my body, my soul, my heart, my mind… I can’t remember everything in the moment because… it was surreal.

ALL I know is that this went on for a time. There was ‘no sense of time’ in these moments.

Then… as I finished praying, I did an about face again… back to my spot where I was going to resume reading.

By the third step, I FELT THE PAIN DROP TO THE FLOOR. It felt like a very heavy chain fell OFF of my body, with no sound. My lower pelvis shifted forward as well. The alignment of my body was immediately tweaked by God.

I want to be specific. When my feet reunited (at the third step), I was PAIN FREE. I looked at the clock on the stove… it was 9 a.m.

BOOM! BAMM! More than a decade of pain… GONE.

I have been pain free ever since.

Can I get a HALLELUJAH and an AMEN right now??? The Lord had mercy…  He had been waiting for me… I just needed to ASK for deliverance… for myself. He is so faithful… to what He says He will do.

Now… for the rest of the story:

I had to keep myself from falling down in the moment, I was so floored by this #miracle. I was completely undone.

I sobbed and sobbed for about 2 hours…. for the JOY!!! Then I called my husband, who thought something horrible had happened…  for I had a hard time getting the words out. I cried for several days. I couldn’t speak about it without getting torn up. There were changes that happened in the first few weeks. My sleep had improved dramatically. I lost about 10 lbs of ‘inflammation’ weight. I physically ‘stand’ differently now.

I have spent the last 2+ months reveling in my new found freedoms… getting back to my high octane energy… and we shall see what God decides to do with/through my restored health! 🙂

Am I in remission again, or is it gone, you ask?

I do not know, and I do not need to know. What I do know is that God told me to #doit… I did what He said… and the pain is no more.

I do want to mention a few other blessings from God… since the summer.

Remember all the songs I was supposed to write? Well when I came back, my Godly music producer set a lofty goal of cranking out one new original song (writing) every 2 weeks. I have been cranking out at least one a week… simply flooded with words.  And the music’s sound… well… it’s infectious. AND… the Lord has brought a few opportunities NOW, that I would not have been physically able to pull off before September 15th.

It’s all about His Timing, His Plans, His Direction. Listen to Him. He’s got your roadmap. Ask Him to reveal it to you. It may be a complete departure from where you are currently. GO with Him!

Surrender & Obey. Welcome being empowered by the Holy Spirit!

Please know… you will have to lose your ego and your pride to do this. These traits are in direct opposition to the Holy Spirit.

Let me say this in the most loving way I can. We cannot be in our own measly power, and IN His, simultaneously. It’s one or the other. Choose wisely. It’s a no lose situation when God is at the helm of your life.

Trust Him. You are worth it… and He is able beyond all human comprehension. God works daily in the miraculous… in the supernatural… for His Power and Glory to be seen and revealed to a watching, disbelieving world.

Pray. (1 Th 5:17)

Ask Him, sincerely. (Matt 7:7)

Receive what He says. ( Isa 55:8-9)

Then #DOIT… to the Glory of God & for the love of Christ.  (John 14:23-24)


OH MY Jehovah Rapha!!!

I have spent the last few months in wonder and amazement at all You have done for me! (1 Th 5:16)  I weep at the thought of your goodness in my life! My body feels great! Talk about leaping for JOY! I must be feeling much like David… relentlessly pursuing You… I love You, Father, more than anything on earth. No words can adequately express my gratitude… but I know You know me (Ps 139:1-6)… and you see me… and You faithfully see/listen  to my struggles, my cries, my pleadings day and night ( Ps 139:7-12)… You knew me before I was ever born (Ps 139:13-16), You faithfully guide and never leave me (Ps 139:17-18), I am a #peacefulwarrior for You, my Lord, no matter what (Ps 139:19-22), please continue to teach and train me, for my good and for Your Glory (139:23-24). YOU are the reason for this JOYful season… every day. Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU!!!!  2015 has definitely been an incredible ride!!! CANNOT WAIT to see what You have planned for 2016, Father!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!

Your Lovestruck high octane daughter IN Christ,

~ maribel





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