… on my Kingdom assignment…

Let’s begin with The Word. 2 Samuel 22: 47 “The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be my God, the Rock, my Savior!”

Wow. What a week it has been… full of learning curves, deadlines and meetings. You may know the feeling.

Tomorrow my first single, Hold On, will be released on iTunes and Soundcloud. The lyrics are the message, the music the vehicle. It will also be my 45th birthday. Yes… I am no spring chicken, brothers and sisters.

Lately, the music questions often asked have been: What is the direction you are taking with it? What is the music’s purpose? Who is your audience?

I have been in diligent prayer about this for over a year, intense prayer for the last several months. God is so faithful and generous with His time. I am grateful… because His direction, not mine, is the key.

To begin with… my audience is anyone willing to listen… and especially the younger generations. It’s for those who want to hear what’s real, not a sales job, or the preaching of condemnation. I enjoy spending time with all peoples. What I am hearing from the younger generations is that they are tired of the hypocrisy they have been raised in… in our churches.

What I gather is they want to hear the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable, or perhaps socially unacceptable. They desire to be on missions of their own … being activists for God. Actually doing Godly work on earth, in their immediate environments, which they see are full of pain and suffering. I can identify with them.

The lyrics/music is the starting point in my Kingdom assignment.

It is about encouragement and hope… that God is still here… very real… very present… and He loves us to no avail. There are no limits to His Love.

The music will point to Him and Hope in Him, no matter where it will be played, through Christian or secular avenues, although its contemporary jazz funk style will most likely not be played in more conservative churches, for it’s upbeat and soulful.

And that’s perfectly ok. It’s meant for outreach and out here… for those not yet in the pews, or the ones who have given up on community life. It’s meant to draw individuals to any church that looks like a cross section of the people in its village, town, or city.  All tribes… all peoples… so authentic Godly defined Unity is seen, felt, encouraged, and not what man’s idea/agenda on Unity is.

Thoughts that often preoccupy my mind:

How does God see His community? And what might He think of our current condition?

How does God see you/us?

How did Jesus live out His life, and asks you/us to imitate Him?

How do we authentically live out His Truths?

How does God define humble servant leadership, and how are we living it out?


Indeed, it is not the opinion of man that counts, but God’s. You can stand on that 24/7, no matter what comes your way.

My prayer is that the music is a seed that encourages you/us to see ourselves and others through the eyes of Jesus, and thus move in to living in real freedom. A freedom to be who God designed you to be, and not what this earth keeps trying to sell you, or tell you. Freedom is the opposite of oppression. Freedom is the opposite of condemnation. Freedom is the opposite of personal imprisonments. These things have already been conquered through Jesus… through His unrelenting Grace and Mercy. BOY! Is that a reason to worship Him, or WHAT!?! For me, reminding myself of how God sees me allows me to breathe a sigh of relief in this dark world.

The thing about music is that most everyone is open to it. And we can connect with Him through music, anytime. I believe that God built us for worship of Him, first and foremost. Singing and giving praise are fundamental elements for adoring our God… a pathway to help us connect… in order to open our hearts and minds to receive His freedom gift. Music as a primer…

The beautiful thing is… music is as accessible as popping in earbuds. Perhaps taking encouraging words to the ears might begin watering thoughts… that in community… in essence worshiping and listening to the Word together… is God’s plan for us as His people. Although we may each have individual Kingdom assignments as soldiers for God, we come together to celebrate and encourage one other. Remember, His mission can be tough, and the world doesn’t recognize it as good. And know that the world may be sitting next to you in the pew, at times. Take heart… God is good. Stay focused, no matter what.

Thus, the purpose of the music is to encourage community… pointing them toward the body of Christ… any church community that encourages unity… the kind The Bible talks about… of all peoples… all nations… all tribes.

You may be in a church family that is far from this picture. If you love the body of people, I encourage you to stay and pray. Pray that God’s will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. It may be the very reason why God has you there in the first place. As our Dear Preacherman, Senior Pastor Neil Tomba often says, God’s Truth over our opinion.

If you are ambivalent about your community, I encourage you to visit other churches, and when you find the community God calls you to, get involved. Plant yourself there… and bloom! God is faithful to all that seek Him. Remember this.

May ALL the Glory be to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit!

May you find hope, strength, & peace in The One… The ONLY ONE… who has designed you for His unique Kingdom assignment…. and then have the courage to boldly live it out. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.







p.s. I leave you with the words to the new single:

Hold On

Sing to me let Me be

All that you need to see

Tell Me that you can’t believe

That I am always what you need


Cling to Me there you’ll see

That you are Mine and I’m with thee

I tell you that there’s nothing else

I am The One who has prevailed



Let My Light shine on you

I give My strength to break you

When you feel you can’t go on

Hold on.



Bring to Me those in need

Of perfect love that comes through Me

There’s nothing on this Earth more free

My loving arms are here for thee


Dream of Me speak to Me

Show your heart in its insanity

I will be your sacred place

So we can one day be face-to-face



So shine My Light in your life

Let My love be your guide

With open arms lifted high

Take this cup for you are Mine

I said darling I’m The One

So hold on



lyrics: Maribel Hill

… experiencing the hands and feet of Jesus…

… I met a woman last week, a massage therapist, who has the gift of healing hands… and let me preface it with this: I have been to countless massage therapists since college.

… like I see/feel souls when I look into ones eyes… she feels the body and knows where to go… and the first time I was there, I noticed that she prays/meditates as she moves around the body in search of pain…

Mathew 18:20-For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

… My second visit was today. She greeted me as a Christian spiritual sister, and told me that the instant she laid her hands on my broken body… she knew I was a slave to God… & she knew we were ‘family’ since last week. She told me other things as well… about my spirit… and how I operate…

… I want you to know… I was there 90 minutes. This time, she spoke Truth… the Word… the entire time as she was working on my body. There was mutual sharing… raising my hand over and over again… she saying things to me that God has specifically been talking to me about… over the last 3 weeks… EXACT words I have heard the Holy Spirit speak to me in the dead of night…

… We were ‘Hallelujah Jesus & Amen & Praising’… over and over again… it was exhilarating…

Jesus was in the room, I am certain of it.


This is how God works in my life. Have you had an encounter with Jesus through someone, or through an incident?

Please don’t dismiss Him.


… Be ready and open to Hear God speak to you through others. He is very present in this world. He is ready and waiting for you to INVITE Him in.

… She said something to me as she finished… about something soooo specific…  only God could have revealed it to her.

… So grateful for the blessings that others bring to my life…

Thank You, Jesus, for Your amazing relentless LOVE!!!

I feel it over and over again… through the peaks and valleys of my life… You are there… You are always there…

Blowing you kisses from earth,






… hello… I’m talking to you…


I received this message as I was cleaning my house the other day.

If you worry, look up.

If you are broken, look up.

If you are lost, look up.

If you are running away, look up.

If you are sinking, look up.

If you are a wretch, like me, look up.

If you are angry, look up.

If you feel inadequate, look up.

If you breathe, look up.


Get a crick in your neck.

Look up.


He is watching.

He is for real.

He sees and hears all.

He wants to help you, always.

Look up!

Our suffering points/directs us to look up and stay focused there… on Him… otherwise we concentrate on all that is broken… still… here and in this place… earth… and therefore remain lost… until we look up.


Marvel at His Majesty!

It’s just a glimpse of who He is.

He is The Light in the skies…

The Beauty all around us… and in us through The Holy Spirit.



Give Him The Glory… He shed His very blood for you… and He would have done it, JUST FOR YOU.

That’s how much He loves you (us). 

Hallelujah Jesus!!!











… angel armies…

I want to share another story with you.

It occurred in front of the entire congregation of www.Northwestbible.org during the 10:35 a.m. service, on June 1, 2014.

I am best described as a (non-classical)  Contralto in the choir, and worship team, at Northwest. It was the last Sunday before our summer break. It had been a fast and furious four months. I had just finished telling the worship team during rehearsal that I could not sustain my grueling schedule, and I would be making changes.

As the second service was coming to a close, our Dear Senior Pastor, Neil Tomba, was wrapping up on the platform. We, the worship team, were coming down the stairs and onto the platform to get into position to finish the last two songs, and we were going to sing one of my all time favorites, ‘Made Me Glad’ by Hillsong (listening to it right now).

I was wearing small heels. Since our Preacherman was still speaking, I lifted my heels up so my shoes wouldn’t clack.

And that’s when it happened.

I heard a loud SNAP!!! I instantly felt a huge explosion on the backside of my right lower calf, like I had been shot or something.

The first thing that crossed my mind: God, HELP ME!!!

Here’s what happened next:

I never stumbled, bent over, or fell down. Instead, it was like I was uprighted, and then I slowly walked to my spot on the platform. Only the people who study me during worship noticed that I was slightly off… in my movements. You see… I love to move and groove as I serenade our God!!!

I was able to sing and finish the worship set… with Joy and Peace! Mind you… I was in excruciating pain, however, I forgot about it during the moments of Praising!!! I believe He gives us His strength to carry out His mission… in every circumstance.

After service was over, I spoke to one of my fellow worship leaders, Andrea B., a nurse, and told her that I probably needed to go home because I hurt my right leg. I was hobbling/limping a little… but did not need assistance from any person. I walked slowly all the way to the parking lot & got in the car.

I then went home, and iced the leg. I also put my leg into an old removable boot I had in storage (from a 2005 operation to correct a broken left foot… broken since age 5).

A few days later I was seen by both my primary internal doctor & an orthopedic surgeon… an MRI done… the result: I had a torn right Achilles tendon (I have RA, so that complicates things). Surgery seemed imminent. They decided to cast first… hoping & praying that it would heal.

All in all I had three Doctors monitoring the tendon… went through 2 casts and a removable boot this summer. I was freed of all those by the beginning of August.

Those are the facts.


I return to the platform for the first time this Sunday… since the incident.

How ‘ON FIRE’ do you think I’m going to be? I pray our congregation is ready, because ready or not, here I come! I will be holding nothing back… from now on… for I have been designed by our God FOR worship!!! And so have you…


The question I have today for you is this: Do YOU KNOW what happened that day?

I do.

I know who carried me.

I know who sustained me.

I know who protected me.

I know who watched over me.

I know who healed me.


If you are still wondering what I think happened, please grab a Bible and read a few of the passages below. It will shed Light on the situation.

Psalm 91

Psalm 121:3

Psalm 94:18

Proverbs 3:23,26

Mathew 4:6


Dear Heavenly Father, words and song could never fully express the depth of my gratitude. I am so blown away… still. Thank You for the rest this summer. Thank You for the rapid healing, against the odds. Thank You for Your generous provisions. Thank You for Your grace and mercy! But most of all, thank You for Your Love. I can’t imagine my life without You. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

#JesusisKing forever and ever…


Maribel Hill Achilles tendon

… it’s true…

Tell me of your despair
I know you’re weary 
Nothing has gone as planned
Even the stars are dreary

So come to Me
I’ll set you free 
in every way 
you won’t believe

I love you.


~ maribel

… a thought…

… you know… it isn’t about how many punches you can throw in life… it’s about how many you can take… ‘cuz even the  devil gets tired…

#JesusisKing ❤️

On trust issues…

I’m about to tell you a story. 
About God and life and me.
A window into my life’s travels &  travails.

It was the mid 1980’s.
I was 14-15? Freshman year in high school.
I remember when I first noticed/experienced God’s deliverance.
And like a flood it came…

In essence, I had experienced a miracle from God. I had spent four years previously in and out of the doctors’  offices. At 14, I heard things like the doctor tell me I wasn’t going to make it. My body was too tired and organs were too weak. Immune system destroyed. Prolonged white blood cells attacking the organs… lots of needles & testing… 4 years. Day… and night.

Issues resulting from: 
Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism (active today)
(Juvenile)Rheumatoid arthritis (active today)

And back then, autoimmune research and disorders were not as well understood as they are today. Some are still enigmas. One Doc basically explained it to me, a child, like this: you are a young girl trapped in an old person’s body. 

Well… THAT is a death sentence in my book when you are hearing this at 10, a girl who sings, dances, and plays instruments. 

It was a very difficult 4 years… and through awkward junior high no less… age 9/10-14?

Nobody really knew outside of my immediate family. Nobody could SEE ME. Nobody could see I was dying on the inside. Literally.

I couldn’t ride a bike.
I had to give up dancing, which I love.
Forget sports.
Always sick.
My hands couldn’t work the musical instruments well anymore…
Medicines did not work to control my health. I was on a constant medical yoyo.

You now have a glimpse. 

A stripping away
A surrender
A dependence
A learning 
A maturation
A demonstration

Then again…

This is a cycle… in my life. You have one too. What’s your cycle with God? 

Mine took shape early with this deadly physical breaking point, at 14.

So I cried out to God that I wanted to MOVE! Heal me (as I am writing at this moment, I am hearing in my head…’though your body may fail you…’ and by the way, my right leg just graduated into a boot over a torn Achilles’ tendon).

That was May 1984.
When I went to the Doc again for a check up at the end of that summer of 1984, the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis was GONE. I could move! I felt great. Hallelujah Jesus!!!

Full Remission = answer to prayer= unexplainable JOY! = Full Throttle

I can call on my God and I know He hears my cries. How He chooses to respond to me is not for me to know. We, mankind, cannot not comprehend such an unimaginable Almighty. We do not have the capacity.

And let’s face it… you know… the big white elephant in the room: my experience has been/is that some people can/do freak out when I start to talk about our God… in the Supernatural. BAMM. (Did you just back away from the computer or smart device?) Our thinking isn’t broad enough, brothers & sisters.

God is Supernatural. It’s a fact that cannot be denied.

He has honored us with the gift of eternal deliverance… through a SUPERNATURAL event –> Jesus. IMAGINE this…

In retrospect, I see my tween years as a time of focus.
A test.
A period of building my trust with/in/through God.
A time when God boldly demonstrated His faithfulness.
A grueling hanging on by my immaculate fingernails (and yes they were… back then too).

Did I really believe IN Him, and did I believe IN what I had experienced BECAUSE of Him? And would I ever tell anyone… and demonstrate faith in Him?

Full Throttle!

Thank You, God, for the 1980’s. They, for sure, have been some of the best years of my life… even when death came knocking… the first time.

To God be ALL the Glory forever & ever, Amen!!!


This is how God works…

On coming home…

 As I head back on a transatlantic flight from Israel, I am struck yet again by the kindness of the people. I am on an El-Al flight (their country’s American Airlines) surrounded by Jewish culture, and here is what I see: Strangers helping one another.  (As I write at this moment, I am also conversing with a kind gentleman(Z.H.) from Israel, and we find out we have mutual acquaintances in Texas! It’s a small world brothers and sisters…)

I have spent the last two weeks traveling around Israel with brothers & sisters from my home church, and everywhere I go there is kindness and a brotherhood/sisterhood. I cannot tell you how many times the kindness of strangers helped me out of a tight spot during the trip. I am so grateful…

There is much to observe and learn. Perhaps this is why I love the country of Israel so much, and I long to go back again… and again… and again.

I want to learn to be more kind and long suffering. I want to learn to be more loving toward strangers. My heart yearns for people of all nations… that they may feel this love and kindness… even if it’s from a total stranger like me.

When I allow these thoughts to permeate my mind and heart they immediately affect my world and those in it. There’s always a direct correlation. What we feed our brains/hearts plays out in our daily lives…

What are you ingesting today? Is it love and kindness, or something spiritless/servantless like pride, arrogance, control, self-sufficiency, isolation, or busyness? The list goes on… and we are all guilty in some way of this truth.

The layers of ourselves begin to be washed away when the Holy Spirit takes over, and what we are left with is an exposed vulnerable heart for all the world to see/experience… HIM. Entrusting yourself to Him brings on a unique freedom in living… one of the fruits being Peace in the midst of life’s chaos.

And believe it or not, overflowing Joy will run like a raging river from heaven straight into your heart, for He is the River of Life. I pray that you will allow Him to flow through you and quench your longings as only He can do…

Holy Spirit of God, thank You for the provisions to travel to the Holy Land again. Thank You for Your faithfulness to the Jews and to all who believe in the One True God. Thank You for the perseverance You have instilled in Your people. Thank You for being the Only One who keeps His promises in this world. Thank You for Your boundless grace and mercy, and Your desire to reconcile us all to You. And for this… most of all…  thank You for Your Son, Jesus. May we all thirst to know Him and live out His teachings… in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


… on being still…

I FEEL a ‘push’ to write this right now … so.

Let’s begin with a glimpse of what has been going on.

I got back yesterday afternoon after a week of Spring Break with the family and 2 trips to Austin (to visit with my youngest sister who is coming out of a coma after a freak accident Valentine’s night) in a 10 day span. I even left our house untidy before I left for those days! I only thought about it a half a second. If you have spent time in my home, you know I struggle a bit with OCD.

So up until about an hour ago, the scene at my house looked like this:

  • The computer going a 100 MPH with paying construction bills, credit card info, bankers, etc.
  • Straightening up and vacuuming the house in spurts
  • Concocting a homemade emollient salve for my youngest nephew
  • On the phone of course… much of the time. Multitasking. Need to make airline reservations.

Total distractions.  ALL the while I am hearing in my ear, Psalm 46:10, He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

So, I finally begin to take notice of the “Be still and know that I am God” part. Time to spend time with Him. I have been distracted today. And so, I move to worship… in song. I hit the calendar for the Sunday home church schedule to look over our worship set. The last song is called, ‘Still’. There is a line in there that says: I will be still, know You are God. BAMM. There it is again.

Why am I even sharing this with you?

Sometimes His discipline/love is that quiet voice that won’t relent… the voice steering you straight in His direction and under His alignment in order for you to experience His peace.

This verse draws me to Him often. I usually come thirsty and parched… like now.

And it suddenly occurs to me today that I am slowly learning to let go… and that it feels good. I am not choosing to imprison myself in my obsessions.

While I am still behind on music/business/household deadlines at the moment, spending time with Him shifts my priorities and focus. I am more aligned to deal with my circumstances of the day. Sometimes I get too busy… and like a loving Father, He draws me back to Him.

I am so grateful. The time I spend with Him realigns my thinking, my heart, my intentions, and my dreams. He transforms me/us from the inside out. And I feel refreshed.

Time with Him is changing my life one day at a time.

And so… now I more clearly understand the rest of Psalm 46:10… He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

I believe in Him and what He says with all my heart. How about you?



A LOVE letter to you this ‘Christ’mas…

Let’s begin with The Word.

John 13:34– “I give you a new command: Love one another. Just as I have loved you, you must love one another. By this all people will know that you are MY disciples, if you have love for one another.”
… I was up half the night marinating on all the ‘LOVE’ in my life, and how grateful I am for those who actively and outwardly express their LOVE. To me, Love is a verb.

This is a LOVE letter to my: family, spiritual family, mentors, teachers, confidantes, and dear friends.

In this busy season of last minute shopping, traveling, and organizing the holidays, my heart and mind want to pause and give thanks… to you… who pour out your LOVE into my life. It’s in you, and through you, that I experience Jesus on a regular basis!

Here are just a few ways I experience God’s Love through you:

·         It’s in your LOVE that I experience great JOY!

·         It’s your LOVE that encourages me when I feel sad, hurt, or desperate… when I feel I am holding on by a string.

·         It’s LOVE when you challenge and push me to be all that I should be… in Christ.

·         It’s LOVE I feel when you are pouring yourself out to promote God’s kingdom, no matter your personal sacrifices.

·         It’s LOVE when you teach and lovingly correct me… in order that I may remain laser focused on my life’s calling.

·         It’s LOVE that you are bestowing when you minister God’s wisdom to my soul.

·         It’s LOVE when you accept me just as I am… broken, wounded, inadequate… just like Jesus did and does and will until…


I know this is God’s LOVE manifested in you and through you.  
Today I give thanks to God for you.  I Love each of you so…


You are the LIGHT in this broken world my brothers and sisters. (Mathew 5: 14-16).
My prayer is that you continue to shine your LIGHT brightly EVERYWHERE!!!
You have certainly lit up my life with your LOVE. THANK YOU!!!!


I pray that JESUS continues to use each of you mightily for His Glory. May you continue to yield to the Holy Spirit, so that He may guide you in everything.

May your Christmas be filled to the brim with the LOVE of CHRIST!
No doubt… HIS LOVE is in the air. HALLELUJAH!!!!

Merry ‘Christ’mas! 
In the Name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.



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