… Waiting to hear from you.

Hello friend,

So glad you landed here. 🙂

Right now, I hear ‘Live #Truth Live Well’. While we still do falter, it does place us on the good and kind journey way… towards a Loving God… who demonstrates over and over… you are mine… and I have loved you… since before time.

So come to me.
I’ll be the best listener.
I created it.
I sent a part of me to die… just to hear from you… to see you again.
There’s nothing you can say to me that will kill my Love for you.
It’s because… I already know.
So just tell me all about it.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
When you are ready.
I am here… anytime… and all the time.
Waiting… to hear from you.


your sister in Christ,
~ maribel
#IwanttheHookupSermon op10082015

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